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Seraphim Energy

Seraphim is a Tier 1 manufacturer of high efficiency PV modules with capacity over 1.7MW among their factories.

Seraphim products range from solar cells and modules to system integration and OEM/ODM services. The series products and solutions can meet customer requirements on different applications.

At present, Seraphim products have been widely applied in 30 countries, including UK, United States, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Australia, Japan, India, and China.

Seraphim is dedicated to providing sustainable and clean energy for customers and making contribution to environmental protection, seeking harmony between human beings and nature.

Seraphim PV modules are among the first panels to pass the Thresher test whose standard is 3 times the IEC, our Polycrystalline modules are also 1st in Photon Yield measurement tests.

Seraphim – made for yield


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